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MassBays Reports and Publications

MassBays produces and shares resources that provide information about our estuaries.

MassBays produces materials that will help inform and support research, monitoring, and on the ground work for researchers, managers and communities. MassBays publishes a quarterly eNewsletter that highlights activities in the MassBays planning area. 

Below is a list of materials produced by MassBays.

  • Annual Work Plan
  • Annual Reports
  • State of the Bays Reports
  • Selected Publications
  • Fact Sheets 

Selected publications

This list includes publications of work conducted by MassBays or funded by MassBays. 

A Rapid Assessment Protocol for Eelgrass Monitoring in Estuarine Embayments. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, MassBays National Estuary Program, and North and South Rivers Watershed Association, 2018.

TIDEGateway Final Report, December 2017. Geosyntec Consultants April 2016; Revised by MassBays National Estuary Program December 2017. 

Historic eelgrass trends in Salem Sound, Massachusetts. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, 2017.

Eelgrass loss over time in Duxbury, Kingston, and Plymouth Bays, Massachusetts Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. 2016.

Coastal Stormwater Management Through Green Infrastructure: A Handbook for Municipalities  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 2014.

MassBays Green Infrastructure Stormwater Handbook Fact Sheet. 2014. 

Report on the 2013 Rapid Assessment Survey of Marine Species at New England Bays and Harbors. Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. 2013.

Conservation Moorings Study. Urban Harbors Institute. 2013.

MassBays Estuary Delineation and Assessment. Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. 2012.

100 Years of Estuarine Marsh Trends in Massachusetts (1893-1995). Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. 2006.

Volunteers' Handbook for Monitoring New England Salt Marshes. Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. 2002.

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