MassHealth Wellness Program — How Can it Help Me?

See below for information about how MassHealth's Wellness Program can help you.

MassHealth's Wellness Program supports you in:

  • making healthy choices; and
  • taking actions to keep you healthy:
    • scheduling and keeping regular well visits with your doctor or nurse;
    • getting recommended health screenings; and
    • talking to your doctor or nurse about your health.

What is wellness?

  • Wellness is being aware and making choices to be active, eat healthy, and maintain your emotional well-being.

How will the MassHealth Wellness Program help me to be healthier?

The MassHealth Wellness Program will

  • share with you information about making healthy choices;
  • remind you to schedule visits with your doctor or nurse ;
  • help you think of questions to ask your doctor or nurse when you go to your well visit; and
  • give you tips to help you work with your doctor to keep yourself healthy and prevent health problems before they start!


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