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MCB Audio Files

Below are twelve sections (available in audio files) that provide an overview of agency information, benefits, and services offered by MCB.

This audio file contains a listing of services provided by MCB. We believe this information will be useful to newly registered consumers and their respective family members. Additionally, eye care providers can use this resource to help their patients understand services available to them upon making the diagnosis of legal blindness.

We would like to make you aware to of a minor change related to the section titled “The BRIDGE Program” which was made after this recording was produced. Please note that the BRIDGE Program is now the Older Independent Blind Program (OIB). The OIB program is focused on Massachusetts residents who are legally blind and are over the age of 55. The OIB program will continue to provide the services listed in the BRIDGE section, however, these services including low vision aids will be provided based on financial eligibility as well as the availability of Federal funds to support the program.

If you have any questions on the OIB Program, please contact:

Karen Hatcher

Director – Older Independent Blind Program

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

600 Washington Street - 3rd Floor

Boston, MA 02111