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Minimum eligibility requirements to attend part-time police academies

At a minimum, all applicants must meet the requirements below for consideration to attend an MPTC authorized part-time police academy.
Minimum age requirement 18 years of age
Employed or sponsored by a municipal, Environmental, or University of Massachusetts police department All student officers
Comprehensive Medical Exam* Civil Service Departments
Physical Ability Test (PAT) Civil Service Departments
Full medical coverage for the duration of the police academy All student officers

*The Municipal Police Training Committee’s policy requires the student officer's comprehensive medical exam to have been completed within nine-months of the start of the police academy but they must still be valid (unexpired) on the start date of an academy. 

What you should know

  • Registration and questions: You must register with, and direct all police academy related questions to the police training organization you are applying to.
  • Sponsorship:  In order for you to attend a police academy you must be sponsored by a chief of police in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You must obtain this sponsorship yourself.
  • Employment: Sponsorship does not guarantee employment with the sponsoring department or any other agency. (See 550 CMR 3.03 (3) of the MPTC CMRs Regulating Training) 
  • Health Insurance:  You will be required to have health insurance to participate. It will be the responsibility of the sponsoring chief to verify insurance coverage as verified in the MPTC application.
  • Firearms:  The firearm and ammunition are not included in tuition. Specific requirements are found on the police training organization's training schedule.
  • Equipment and gear: You will receive direction from the police training organization you are applying to. 

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