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On February 17, 2016, the Board voted to clarify the requirement for the illuminated International Symbol of Accessibility.  The Board unanimously voted that all emergency egress signs that are required to be illuminated (per the International Building Code – 2009, Chapter 10, Section 1011 et seq. with Massachusetts amendments, per 780 CMR), and are part of an accessible means of emergency egress (as defined in 521 CMR, Section 5), shall be required to include the illuminated International Symbol of Accessibility. 

Definition of "townhouse"

On January 27, 2014, the Board voted to clarify the definition of “townhouse” to be consistent with all State Building Codes, thereby incorporating the definition of “townhouse” from 780 CMR.  Therefore, "townhouses" shall be defined as "a single-family dwelling unit constructed in a group of three or more attached units in which each unit extends from foundation to roof and with a yard or public way on not less than two sides."

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SECTION 10.3, parking at multiple dwelling unit occupants

The Architectural Access Board is aware of the difficulty in complying with the literal language of Section 10.3 when it is not known who the occupants of dwelling units will be prior to construction. Therefore, it is the Board's opinion that when designing and laying out parking lots reserved for tenants of multiple dwellings, when fifteen or more spaces are provided the number of accessible parking spaces provided shall be determined by Section 23.2.1 (Formula for Required Minimum Number of Accessible Spaces) of 521 CMR at the time of initial construction. When less than fifteen spaces are provided, a minimum of one accessible parking space must be capable of being provided. The AAB will be amending its regulations in the future, however, in the interim, compliance with Section 23.2.1 will satisfy Section 10.3 of 521 CMR in regards to the number of accessible parking spaces to be allotted for dwelling unit occupants.

This interpretation was unanimously accepted by the Board Members on April 8, 2006.


Architectural Access Board kiosk

The Architectural Access Board now has an information kiosk within the office, which is available to review any cases that have been scanned. The system can be searched by the following fields: type of docket (complaint or variance), docket number, year, and the building name, address, and/or city/town. For a fee of $5.00, a disk can be made available to you to copy any information to.  Use of the kiosk will have to be scheduled, so please make sure to call or e-mail the AAB Staff  to schedule a time to come to the office to utilize the kiosk.  

Notice Regarding 521 CMR 39.4: Location of Control, viz Location of Light Switches within the 18 inch Latch Pull-Side of the Door

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Plan review

Due to staffing limitations the AAB is no longer able to conduct plan reviews of buildings or parts of a building or facility.