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MVP Program Information

Learn more about the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness program.

The Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant program (MVP) provides support for cities and towns in Massachusetts to begin the process of planning for climate change resiliency and implementing priority projects. The state awards communities with funding to complete vulnerability assessments and develop action-oriented resiliency plans. Communities who complete the MVP program become certified as an MVP community and are eligible for MVP Action Grant funding and other opportunities.

The program helps communities to:

  • Define climate related hazards
  • Understand how they may be impacted by climate change  utilizing the latest science and data at
  • Identify existing and future climate vulnerabilities and strengths
  • Identify opportunities to take action to reduce risk and build resilience
  • Implement priority actions identified through the planning process

Current Funding Status

  • MVP Action Grant applications are closed. Next round expected spring 2021. 
  • MVP Planning Grant applications are closed. Next round expected spring 2021. 

Upcoming Events/Trainings

The MVP Team is hosting a winter webinar series. You can expect to hear from MVP communities that are implementing exciting projects in each of these areas, learn about new tools the MVP program is developing related to these topics, and gain ideas on potential projects and partners for a future application.

Webinar #1: Implementing Nature-based Solutions

Webinar #2: Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Climate Vulnerable Populations

Webinar #3 : Building Resilience through Community Partnerships and Regional Collaborations

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