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Mystic Shoreline Restoration Project

Funding for this project was provided by MassBays to the Mystic River Watershed Association (2018)

About the project

Remedial actions in the Mystic River watershed are showing gradual improvement in water quality and environmental conditions as evidenced by the return of anadromous fish. However the highly urbanized estuarine portions of the Mystic River and Chelsea Creek System have a general lack of data on shoreline marsh and habitat restoration opportunities. With grant funsing from MassBays and additional support from other partners, Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) hopes to advance restoration work in Mill Creek to re-establish salt marsh communities and improve hydrology. MyRWA will  also conduct a feasibility study of establishing a living shoreline on Draw 7 Park’s eroded beach.

Mill Creek Restoration Assessment

The Mill Creek Restoration Assessment identified six tidal restrictions in the creek that contribute to the dampening of tidal influence to varying degrees depending on the conditions of each constriction. The assessment will describe the state of the salt marsh vegetation community and upstream hydrological conditions, and identify restoration opportunities for further discussion and consideration. 

Draw Seven Park Shoreline Project

Draw Seven Park in Somerville is a park owned by Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). In an effort to restore natural open space, improve and create trail connections, and increase climate resiliency, DCR is currently developing the schematic design for Draw Seven Park within the Mystic River State Reservation. Once complete, the project will connect ten miles of continuous parkland along the Mystic River. The agency anticipates construction to potentially begin in fall 2020, with a completion date expected in 2022. The shoreline at the park is currently an eroded cobble beach and lacks the presence of vegetation in the intertidal and supratidal zones. At this location, the Mystic River is narrow and well-protection. Through this project, MyRWA is working with a contractor to develop design and technical specifications for the construction of a living shoreline along Draw 7 Park to be included into the overall park renovation plans currently underway DCR. 

These projects are ongoing and updates will be provided as they become available.


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