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Natural Heritage staff directory

Contact information for all NHESP staff
Questions? Telephone
Administration and General Information 508-389-6360
Publications 508-389-6300
Regulatory Review (North/Central/Western Massachusetts) 508-389-6357
Regulatory Review (Southeastern Massachusetts/Cape & Islands) 508-389-6385
Data 508-389-6383
GIS 508-389-6375
Vernal Pools 508-389-6373


Staff Directory

All phones start with 508-389, then the extension
Name Title Phone Email
Tom French Assistant Director of DFW for NHESP x6355
Jesse Leddick Chief of Regulatory Review x6386
Jonathan Regosin Chief of Conservation Science x6376
Tara Boswell GIS Manager x6375
Elaine Brewer Outreach Specialist x6344
Chris Buelow Restoration Ecologist x6350
Caren Caljouw Prescribed Fire Program Manager x6395
Melany Cheeseman Endangered Species Review Assistant x6357
Karen Dolan Finance & Projects Administrator x6349
Karro Frost Conservation Planning Botanist x6390
Lauren Glorioso Endangered Species Review Biologist x6361
Lynn Harper Habitat Protection Specialist x6351
Peter Hazelton Aquatic Ecologist x6389
Amy Hoenig Endangered Species Review Biologist x6364
Emily Holt Senior Endangered Species Review Assistant x6385
Tara Huguenin Conservation Data Specialist x6368
Mike Jones State Herpetologist x7863
Jacob Kubel Conservation Scientist x6373
Michael Lachance Conservation Data Specialist x6370
Jennifer Longsdorf NHESP Program Coordinator x6360
Lisa MacGillivray Habitat Mapping Biologist/Data Specialist x6365
Sarah Maier Database Manager x6383
Misty-Anne Marold Senior Endangered Species Review Biologist x6356
Carolyn Mostello Coastal Waterbird Biologist x6372
Mike Nelson Invertebrate Zoologist x6374
David Paulson Senior Endangered Species Review Biologist x6366
Amanda Veinotte Administrative Coordinator x6380
Andrew Vitz State Ornithologist x6394
Robert Wernerehl State Botanist x7818
Rebekah Zimmerer Endangered Species Review Biologist X6354



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