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Navigating the MPTC Acadis Training Portal

The portal serves as the central training and certification repository for registered MPTC users and agencies.

The portal provides access to training schedules, class registrations, online training, instructor certifications, printing of certificates, and training histories. In addition, authorized agency officials can use this portal to submit training and employment status records. The system maintains employment status, training, and certification records for users and instructors.

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Acadis User Guides are (below) under Additional Resources.


Navigating the MPTC Acadis Portal

Training Enrollment

An active user account is required to enroll in MPTC training in this portal.

Access/New Account

Any active police officer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or other authorized user can request an account and access to the portal. To request an account, contact your agency head or designee. If you are not employed by an enrolled department and feel you qualify for a portal user account, send your request detailing the reasons to MPTCAcadis@mass.gov

Updating Your Information

Upon logging in, use the MANAGE MY PROFILE tab to edit your mailing address, telephone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contact information. NOTE: Your email address will be your Portal Account username; any changes made to your primary email address may affect your ability to login to the MPTC Portal.

The following changes to an employee's employment status must be updated by the agency's Point of Contact:

  • Medical Leave
  • Injured on Duty
  • Promotion
  • Retirement
  • Military Leave
  • Suspension/termination

Instructor Certification

Instructor certifications are only issued to users with portal accounts. If you are an officer and do not have a portal user account, you must contact your agency head (or designee) to request access. If you are a civilian and do not have a portal account or have retired from a department and feel you qualify for a portal user account, send your request detailing the reasons to MPTCAcadis@mass.gov.


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