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New registered Pre-Apprenticeship procedures

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Registered Pre-Apprenticeship in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Division of Apprentice Standards has existed since 1945. Since then, we have registered over 50,000 apprentices. Currently we have a little over 5000 active apprentices registered. There are two components to ensuring the pre-apprentice program works.

First, registered apprentice programs with five or more apprentices need to include women and minorities as part of their Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action plans. There are also Responsible Employer Ordinances (REO's) in Massachusetts. Contractors must associate with a joint or non-joint registered apprentice program as a condition of submitting a responsive bid on selected public works project. The point is to better include women and minorities.

Another part of the pre-apprentice program is the expectation that participants will become apprentices after graduation. To become apprentices they will need access to jobs from registered apprentice programs. In the past, lack of coordination led to pre-apprentice graduates that weren't ready to enter the apprentice program. Because of this disconnect we find that there needs to be a registered pre-apprentice program part of the apprentice career track.


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How to get started as a registered pre-apprentice

  • To register a pre-apprenticeship program with the Division of Apprentice Standards the applicants should follow the process below. The pre-apprentice program should provide its graduates with the skills needed to successfully pass the interview process in order to enter a full registered apprentice program. The fully registered apprentice sponsor will be either a single employer or a multi-employer group. These sponsors are the ones who eventually provide the jobs.
  • Keep in mind that pre-apprentices are not allowed to work on public construction projects until they are fully registered as apprentices.
  • The pre-apprentice program sponsor applicant should first meet with a willing registered apprentice sponsor and develop a memorandum of agreement which must include a pre-determined amount of articulated credit that will be given to each graduate who successfully enters the registered apprentice program.
  • Registered sponsors can have more than one memorandum of agreement with registered pre-apprentice programs. Registered apprentice programs should utilize registered pre-apprenticeship to enhance their EEO outreach efforts.
  • The registered apprentice sponsor must approve the curriculum of the pre-apprentice applicant in order to determine the proper amount of credit that will be articulated between the parties in the memorandum of agreement. Credit as an example, can be in the form of related training hours, elevation in the program or direct entry into the program.
  • If the registered apprentice sponsor withdraws its agreement with the pre-apprentice sponsor, the pre-apprentice will lose its registration with that sponsor and the Division of Apprentice Standards. If the registered pre-apprentice sponsor has memorandum of agreements with other programs those memorandum of agreements will not be affected.
  • The applicant can start the registration process once the memorandum of agreement is signed and the curriculum has been approved by contacting the Division of Apprentice Standards at (617) 626-5409 and requesting an application package or downloading it from the website.
  • The pre-apprentice sponsor will document the name, address, date of birth, phone number social security number of each graduate along with the program partner name, term of apprenticeship, graduation date and affirmative action questionnaire on a form supplied by the Division of Apprentice Training.
  • Each graduates' information will be entered into the apprentice tracking database so that when a graduate interviews and is selected by the articulation partner to enter an apprentice program the articulated credit will be identified and credited to the new apprentices record.
  • There are no fees associated with pre-apprenticeship which means that there are no apprentice photo ID's and no access to public works projects.

As an example, the registered pre-apprentice model is being utilized by the Boston Housing Authority (BHA). They will be using it to introduce residents of the BHA onto multiple projects they are managing. Their partners are the Boston Building Trades Unions and their apprentice programs. They will partner to run an eight week registered pre-apprentice program which will be part of an overall nine month evaluation and support program.

he Links below include the documents necessary to apply for a registered pre-apprenticeship program.

Pre-Apprentice Sponsor Application Package

Sample Memorandum of Agreement

Registered Pre-Apprentice Programs

Fillable Pre-Apprentice Graduate Data Sheet


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