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Obtaining MassGIS data

How to access data available from MassGIS

With today's increased bandwidth and typically fast Internet connections, data download and using web mapping services have become the easiest and usually the preferred methods for obtaining data distributed through MassGIS. MassGIS will no longer distribute data via hard media unless there is no reasonable alternative or unless the data volume is simply too large for download in a reasonable period of time. Below is a summary of the ways you can access data available through MassGIS.

Data description pages

To download virtually any of our datasets, visit the data description pages for individual data layers and take advantage of the data download links on those pages.


To view MassGIS entire database through your web browser and to download data specific to small project areas, use MassGIS’ on-line data viewer, OLIVER.

Web services

Desktop GIS users and developers can learn how to access data from MassGIS using our web mapping services by reading this WIKI or, if using ArcGIS, by searching for our Featured Content on ArcGIS Online.


LIDAR point clouds (as .LAS files) may be downloaded at the NOAA Digital Coast website, which is specifically set up to facilitate downloading these particularly large data sets.

Custom requests

If you don’t think the quantity of data you need can be obtained through one of the above options, or if you have any questions, please contact Data needs that cannot be satisfied through one of the above options will typically be met by copying the data files onto a user-provided hard drive.


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