OIG Print Only Publications

Certain publications are available only in print.

Please call or send a written request to the OIG if you would like a print copy of a report.

OIG Print Only publications


  • Central Artery/Tunnel Project: Management Issues and Recommendations 1993-2000, December 2000
    • The full 480-page report may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Inspector General.


  • Statutorily Mandated Reviews of Central Artery/Tunnel Project Building Construction Contracts: 1994-1996, December 1996
  • A Report on Certain Activities and Practices of the Massachusetts Public Health Biologics Laboratories, December 1996
  • Value Engineering Change Proposals: A Review of a Central Artery/Tunnel Project Cost Control Program, December 1996
  • Proposed Disposition of the Massachusetts Highway Department's Wellesley Central Maintenance Facility: A Review Pursuant to Chapter 273 of the Acts of 1994, July 1996
  • Procuring Energy Management Services: A Case Study, March 1996


  • A Review of the Oak Bluffs Bathhouse Project, December 1995
  • Review of a Consultant Contract Procured and Administered by the MBTA, December 1995
  • Report on the Mass. Highway Department's Asset Management System for the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project, November 1995
  • A Review of the Commonwealth's Higher Education Building Authorities, February 1995


  • Contracting for Parking Lot Management Services by the Metropolitan District Commission, December 1994
  • Value Engineering: A Review of a Central Artery/Tunnel Project Cost-Control Program, December 1994
  • Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff's Management of a Design Contract for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, November 1994
  • Report on the Massachusetts Highway Department's Internal Audit Function for the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project, July 1994


  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority: Report on the Procurement of Financial Services, December 1993
  • The MWRA's Support Building Complex on Deer Island: Too Large, Lavish, and Expensive, December 1993
  • Contract Mismanagement: DCPO Wasted $326,000 on Windows at Tewksbury Hospital, April 1993
  • Hazards Ahead: The Operations Control Center Complex for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, March 1993


  • The DMR Investigations Division: A Critical Review, November 1992
  • Exclusive Towing Contracts on the Turnpike, October 1992
  • Repair Plates: Special-Interest Privileges at Public Expense, October 1992
  • Disposition of State Property: The Elm Bank Case, July 1992


  • Audit Services Procurement by the Massachusetts Department of Public Works, November 1991
  • The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority: Self-Preservation at the Expense of Taxpayer Interests, October 1991

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