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OLIVER - The MassGIS Online Data Viewer

Using OLIVER you can make a map with virtually all of MassGIS' data

What's new in version 2.0


MassGIS is pleased to release the latest version of OLIVER and MORIS (the "ocean" OLIVER).

Developed by MassGIS, CZM and SeaPlan (formerly Massachusetts Ocean Partnership), version 2.0 of OLIVER includes many enhancements and bug fixes:  

OLIVER screen shot
  • More basemaps including Google and OpenStreetMap
  • Better printing
  • Ability to change the color of points, lines and polygons (within a limited palette)
  • Permalink URLs (to send or bookmark) that support color changes and opacity - so that the link you send exactly represents your map!
  • Ability to add selected external (from non-MassGIS servers) WMS layers
  • Streamlined data extract process
  • Bigger, more visible buttons and banner
  • Dropdown to zoom directly to town (OLIVER only)

In addition to the above standard features, OLIVER is now more configurable to create custom viewers. Along with adding custom datasets, titles, logos, default layers and geographic extent OLIVER now has:

  • Capability to draw and edit to live database layers (including optional snapping and splitting)
  • Configurability for many buttons and tools to be hidden if not needed
  • Dropdown options to zoom to extents; optionally narrow down dropdown choices within geographies

MassGIS can design and host custom "OLIVER"s for state agencies. Contact

For more information on configuration options see

The OLIVER toolkit is an open source project that can be found on Github.