Open for Business Initiative - DCAMM Properties for Sale and Lease

A business opportunity initiative to maximize the full potential of Commonwealth real estate assets for the benefit of its cities and towns.

The Commonwealth through its Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), in collaboration with select state agencies, has launched a business opportunity initiative, titled Open for Business, as part of a state-wide effort to maximize the full potential of Commonwealth real estate assets for the benefit of its cities and towns. The main areas of focus include real estate, economic development, utilities and telecommunications, green partnerships, advertising, retail and concessions.

Auction Properties - Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 7C, Sections 32 – 38 and additional legislation that is property specific, DCAMM is authorized to dispose of state-owned property through a competitive process which includes the auction method.  The Zekos Group is the designated auctioneer for these properties.  

Sale Partnership Program - The Sale Partnership Program is a new Commonwealth - Municipal Land Disposition Model that allows a municipality to purchase and market (to private development community) former state surplus real estate assets that have significant economic redevelopment potential and are located within their municipality.  When the municipality resells/leases all or a portion of the asset, the net sale proceeds are shared between the Commonwealth and the municipality. Throughout the reuse planning, marketing and resale contract negotiations, DCAMM is available to provide technical assistance to the municipality.

Telecommunication Sites - An integral part of DCAMM’s mission to manage the Commonwealth’s real estate assets centers around its Telecommunications Leasing Program, which makes available under-utilized State-owned property to the telecommunications industry for the siting of wireless infrastructure.  In operation since 2002,  numerous telecommunications leasing projects have been completed on behalf of the Departments of Corrections, Higher Education, Public Health, Transportation and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. The program is currently in the process of a dramatic expansion which will result in many more sites being available for development in the near future. Anticipated projected cumulative lease value for approved sites over the initial ten year term is approximately $1.5 million.

Featured Properties - The sale and redevelopment of the former New Bedford Armory Request for Proposals presents a unique opportunity for private investment in the culturally vibrant and emergent city of New Bedford, MA.

The sale and redevelopment of a portion of the former Monson Development Center presents an exciting opportunity to create a unique mixed use development that support a mainly rural economy (and expanding light industrial economy) in the village-like historic Town of Monson.