Other PERAC Units

Divisions within the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission

Administration Unit

The administration unit provides support to all of the other units.  Additionally, the unit is responsible for the day-to-day operations as it relates to fiscal policies, procurement policies, payroll administration and overseeing the agency budget expenditures. 


Communications Unit

The Communications Unit organizes symposiums about Massachusetts public pension statutes, regulations and policies for Retirement Board Members, their staff and other interested parties - most notably, the annual Emerging Issues Forum; maintains the Commission’s website; and publishes a wide variety of reports, newsletters, bulletins, and educational pieces. The majority of publications produced by PERAC are developed in-house by the Communications Unit.

If you have any comments or suggestions about any PERAC publication, please contact the unit

Information Systems Unit

The Information Systems Unit provides support for information technology to enable the Commission to remain on the cutting edge of technological advances; to provide service to its constituencies in a manner that is consistent with the Commonwealth’s Enterprise Standards, Guidelines, and Policies; and to meet the information technology needs of all PERAC Units.


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