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Our Organization and Contacts

A list of all the units and their contact information for the Department of Industrial Accidents.


The Office of Assessments 

Insurance companies are required to bill and collect assessments on insured employers. The assessments fund the Workers' Compensation Special Fund and the Workers' Compensation Trust Fund.

Aalana Feaster, Director, (617) 626-5468

Nancy Moran, Program Coordinator, (617) 626-5469


Claims Administration

The Office of Claims Administration (OCA) starts the dispute process with the DIA when we receive a filing by employers, insurance companies, attorneys, and third parties. The OCA has important responsibilities within the DIA and to the public.

(617) 727-4900

Francisco Peña, Claims Supervisor, Ext. 7493

Education and Vocational Rehabilitation (OEVR)

OEVR assists injured workers who have an accepted or established workers' compensation claim to return to meaningful employment.

Contact the Rehabilitation Review Officers

Health Care Services Board (HCSB)

The HCSB develops and endorses treatment guidelines/protocols and develops the eligibility criteria for the DIA Impartial Physicians Roster. The HCSB also investigates complaints from employees, employers, and insurers to determine if health care providers have engaged in a pattern of behavior that falls into several different categories.

(617) 727-4900

Hella Dalton, Research Analyst, Ext. 7310

Health Policy (OHP)

The workers' compensation statute authorizes the OHP to approve utilization review (UR) agents, thereby allowing them to conduct reviews on Massachusetts workers' compensation claims. Thereafter, the OHP monitors the conduct of agents and workers' compensation utilization review programs to ensure compliance with the requirements of regulation 452 CMR 6.00.

(617) 727-4900

Diane Neelon, RN, Ext. 7574

Jane Bennett, RN, Ext. 7425

Impartial Scheduling

The Impartial Scheduling Unit is responsible for scheduling, monitoring, and managing impartial medical exams of the DIA. The unit enters appeals, filing fees, schedules, and issues refunds.

Contact Impartial Scheduling


The Office of Insurance maintains a record of the workers' compensation insurer for every employer in the state.

Aalana Feaster, Director of Insurance, (617) 626-5468

Nancy Moran, Program Coordinator, (617) 626-5469

Thomas Finneran, Research Analyst, (617) 626-5481

Steven Tavares, Research Analyst,  (617) 727-5480



The Office of Investigations makes sure that all employers operating in the Commonwealth carry workers' compensation insurance at all times.

(617) 727-4900, Ext. 7406

Reviewing Board

The Reviewing Board. located in our Boston office, is made up of 2 panels of 3 administrative law judges (ALJs). The panels function as the appellate body of the Department of Industrial Accidents. Reviewing Board Decisions are formally published.

Contact the Reviewing Board

Legal Counsel

The Office of Legal Counsel, headed by Chief Legal Counsel Kevin Boyd O'Leary, Esq., provides legal representation, advice, and support to the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA). The team of attorneys within the Office of Legal Counsel is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to all of the DIA's various units and personnel. We don't, however, provide legal advice or services to injured workers, employers, or anyone else.

Workers' Compensation Trust Fund (WCTF)

The WCTF provides for payment and reimbursement to parties under specific sections of the MGL c. 152, § 65

(617) 727-4900

Patrick Ronan, Manager, Ext. 7350

Curt DeBartolo, Adjuster for last names ending in A - L, Ext. 7402

Tammy Allison-Carle, Adjuster, for last names ending in M - Z, Ext. 7480


The  goal of this highly successful program is to promote safe and healthy conditions in the workplace through training, education, and other preventative programs.

Office of Safety
Contact the Office of Safety

Self Insurance

The Office of Self Insurance issues self insurance licenses, monitors all self insured employers and maintains the insurance register.

Aalana Feaster, Director, (617) 626-5468

Nancy Moran, Program Coordinator, (617) 626-5469



The Hearing Stenographers' Unit is responsible for taking verbatim testimony of Hearings conducted by Administrative Judges, and providing verbatim transcripts of all Hearing proceedings to Judges, the Reviewing Board and/or case litigants.

Contact the Boston Stenographers
Contact the Fall River Stenographers
Contact the Lawrence Stenographers
Contact the Springfield Stenographers
Contact the Worcester Stenographers

Public Information

Our Public Information staff can answer your general questions about workers' compensation benefits and let you know the correct procedures to follow to receive these benefits.

Contact the Public Information Office