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The HPC is offering technical assistance to support primary care practices in developing behavioral health integration capabilities and achieving PCMH PRIME Certification.  The PCMH PRIME TA program includes individualized practice coaching and a series of behavioral health webinars and in-person knowledge sharing sessions. There is no fee for practices to participate in PCMH PRIME TA. The HPC has contracted with Health Management Associates (HMA) to design and deliver technical assistance.

Who is eligible for PCMH PRIME TA?

Practice coaching and webinars are available to primary care practices that commit to applying for PCMH PRIME Certification by getting on the Pathway to PCMH PRIME, and to practices that are PCMH PRIME Certified.  The HPC is also hosting knowledge sharing sessions available to any interested practice in Massachusetts.

How does practice coaching support primary care practices?

Eligible practices may apply to receive up to 20 hours of expert practice coaching related to developing behavioral health capabilities in primary care, at no cost. Practice coaching can support a behavioral health integration (BHI) project of a practice’s choice on topics such as workflow design for BHI, financial management for BHI, and BH telehealth program planning. Practice coaching will be delivered either in person at the practice site, or telephonically by HMA staff. Click here for examples of past PCMH PRIME practice coaching projects.  


What topics do the webinars covers?

Subject matter experts from Health Management Associates, HPC’s PCMH PRIME TA contractor, have designed and recorded seven webinars focusing on the following topics: behavioral health screening and measurement-based care, integrated care management, medication assisted treatment, brief intervention and care management (adult and pediatric), financing for behavioral health integration, and change management.

How do I get PCMH PRIME practice coaching?

Practices may request practice coaching by completing a PCMH PRIME TA  practice coaching application and emailing it to HPC staff at HPC-Certification@MassMail.State.MA.US. Practices wishing to participate in practice coaching during 2018 are encouraged to submit applications to the HPC by June 1, 2018. 


How do I get access to the webinars?

No application is necessary.  Practices that are on the Pathway to PCMH PRIME or are PCMH PRIME Certified may email HPC staff at HPC-Certification@MassMail.State.MA.US to request access to the webinars.  

How do I learn about upcoming behavioral health knowledge sharing sessions?

PCMH PRIME knowledge sharing sessions are 1-3 hour events aimed at facilitating peer-to-peer learning on how to operationalize behavioral health capabilities within primary care.  PCMH PRIME knowledge sharing sessions are open to all practices in Massachusetts and will be announced on the PCMH PRIME upcoming events page here. 



Contact HPC staff at HPC-Certification@MassMail.State.MA.US


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