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PERAC Social Media Policies

Policies relative to the use of social media

To highlight our commitment to transparency in government, this PERAC portal provides web based tools for outreach, education and information. These tools are not intended to replace the channels currently in place for press and constituent communication. Rather, these tools are meant to augment our ability to educate, empower, and inform the residents of Massachusetts. 

Press inquiries should be directed to PERAC Communications at natacha.a.dunker@mass.gov or 617-666-4446, ext. 970. 

Questions or complaints regarding agency services should also be directed to PERAC Communications.

Please note, that Records Retention Law of the Commonwealth requires the PERAC portal team to preserve records created or received by a state employee. Pursuant to this retention requirement comments posted or messages received via an official state agency page on a third-party web-site (such as an official agency profile on a social network) will be treated as state governmental records and may be permanently archived. Information that you submit voluntarily through social media sites associated with this agency where such information is publicly available, including your name, city or town, and the substance of anything that you post may be disseminated further by being posted online at this website or be publicly discussed by a member of the administration.

The policies below pertain only to the main PERAC portal content; individual agencies may have different policies. Please be sure to review the privacy policies and terms of use for any social media accounts you access through a link from Mass.Gov as they may differ based on the agency hosting the content.

The information below pertains only to the main PERAC portal:

Your Third Party Social Media Accounts

Third party social media accounts will be governed by their own separate website policies to which you likely agreed when you signed up.  These website policies usually include a privacy policy and terms of service.  These policies apply to your use of the third party social media account.


To view the PERAC Portal LinkedIn Group page, go to LinkedIn and find the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission group page. While people use LinkedIn many different ways for both personal and professional reasons, as a matter of policy:

  • The PERAC use of LinkedIn is intended as a means to provide announcements and updates on current events or notices to any other users who elect to join our LinkedIn group page and to engage with constituents to provide customer service regarding state services.
  • The account is maintained and monitored by members of the PERAC social media team.
  • LinkedIn is one of the many means we're using to connect residents with their government. We'll review and update LinkedIn as much as possible as we monitor and maintain other channels of feedback.
  • Unless you protect your updates, messages, or comments you post to PERAC’s LinkedIn page may be public records and may also be publicly available.
  • We expect conversations to follow the rules of polite discourse and we ask that participants treat each other, as well as our employees, with respect. The following comments will be removed if posted:
    • Profanity and vulgar or abusive language
    • Threats of physical or bodily harm
    • Sensitive information (for example, information that could compromise public safety)
    • Offensive terms that target protected classes, such as ethnic, racial sexual orientation, transgendered, or religious groups.
    • Any other comments found by the PERAC social media team to be offensive, inappropriate, or illegal.
  • For the benefit of robust discussion, we ask that comments remain “on-topic.” This means that comments must relate to the topic that is being discussed within the particular social media site.
  • The PERAC Portal will not respond via LinkedIn to press inquiries but will try to respond to resident questions, complaints, or other constituent matters when an answer is readily available, or refer people to the proper PERAC Unit. 
  • Also note that LinkedIn is governed by LinkedIn’s separate website policies, including its Privacy Policy and User Agreement. These policies apply to your use of LinkedIn.