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Pipeline Safety Division Resources

On this page, you can find information about pipeline safety laws and regulations, pipeline safety data, and external resources

Pipeline safety laws and regulations

State laws and regulations regarding pipeline safety
  • G.L. c. 164, sec. 105AStorage, transportation and distribution of gas; regulation; violations; civil penalties
  • G.L. c. 164B: Regulation of steam distribution companies
  • 220 CMR: Department of Public Utilities regulations
    • Sec. 20.00: Steam distribution companies
    • Sec. 36.00Sample test procedures for new residential and small commercial gas meters
    • Sec. 69.00Procedures for the determination and enforcement of violations of safety codes pertaining to pipeline facilities, transportation of natural gas, and liquefied natural gas facilities
    • Sec. 99.00Procedures for the determination and enforcement of violations of MGL c. 82, sec. 40 ("Dig Safe")
    • Sec. 100.00Massachusetts gas distribution code
    • Sec. 101.00Massachusetts natural gas pipeline safety code
    • Sec. 104.00Petroleum gas plants
    • Sec. 107.00: Abandonment of gas service lines and leakage survey procedures
    • Sec. 108.00: Control of drug use
    • Sec. 109.00: Design, construction, operation & maintenance of intrastate pipelines operating in excess of 200 psig 13
    • Sec. 111.00: Construction of streets, places and ways, except residential driveways, over, along or across high pressure gas mains operating at pressures in excess of 200 psig
    • Sec. 112.00: Design, operation, maintenance and safety of liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants and facilities
    • Sec. 113.00: Operation, maintenance, replacement, and abandonment of cast-iron pipelines
    • Sec. 114.00: Uniform natural gas leaks classification
    • Sec. 115.00: Uniform reporting of lost and unaccounted-for gas
Federal laws and regulations regarding pipeline safety

Transmission pipeline maps

Inspection information

Pipeline and excavation incident data