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Property Assessment and Valuation Publications

Publications are provided to guide local officials in the assessment and classification of property and methods of determining fair cash valuation for tax purposes.

Certification of Real and Personal Property Values and Property Coding and Sales Reporting

Certification Tools and Resources


Farmlands Chapter 61 and 61A

The Farmland Valuation Advisory Commission (FVAC) annually meets to adopt the range of recommended agricultural, horticultural and forest land use values for the various categories of land classified under Chapter 61 and 61A.

Farmland FAQs


Additional Resources

The Corporations Book

Annually the Corporations Subject to Taxation in Massachusetts listing is published on the DLS website.  We publish this list solely on the website.  On our website we have a Corporation Book On-line Search program, a link to the Secretary of State's Corporation Database, and Downloadable Data Files, which can all be found by clicking the link below:

The Corporations Book


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