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Property Tax Related Data

Reports extracting real-time data from the DLS Gateway application

Reports relating to property taxes including: assessed values, average single family tax bills, excess and override capacity, motor vehicle excise trends, new growth, overlay, parcel counts, Proposition 2 1/2 overrides, debt exclusions, capital outlay exclusions, and stabilization fund overrides, tax levies, and tax rates as reported by cities and towns during the tax rate and certification process.  Data on these reports come from the annual Tax Rate Recapitulation, LA-4, and LA-13 forms.

Tax Rates, Assessed Values, Tax Levies, New Growth and Tax Bills

This data set includes data reported by local officials on the Tax Rate Recapitulation Sheet and LA4 documents through the DLS Gateway application.  The reports include:

  • Tax rates by major property class type
  • Assessed values by major property class type
  • Tax levies by major property class type
  • Average single family tax bills
  • New Growth applied to the annual Levy Limit


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Other Property Tax Related Reports

Included in this section is historical Equalized Valuation (EQV) data, parcel counts and revenues by source.

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Proposition 2 1/2 Referendum Data

Officials interested in historical results of Proposition 2 1/2 override, underride, special purpose stabilization fund overrides, capital exclusion and debt exclusion votes can find them here by community, fiscal year, or general purposes.  In addition, we have included the Excess and Override Capacity data here.


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