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PunchOut Catalogs

COMMBUYS PunchOut catalogs offer the convenience of selecting Statewide Contract products from a vendor’s e-commerce website.

These online shopping sites, offered by a growing number of Statewide Contract vendors, are accessible via COMMBUYS and enable buyers to easily locate and purchase the vendor’s Statewide Contract products at the pre-negotiated Statewide Contract price. If a Statewide Contract vendor does not offer a PunchOut catalog, buyers still may make purchases from those vendors using a line item catalog in COMMBUYS.

Available PunchOuts by Statewide Contract


  • FAC100 Building Maintenance Repair and Operations
  • FAC101 Facilities Maintenance Repair & Operations Industrial Supplies
  • FIR04 Public Safety Equipment, Supplies, Services and Repairs
  • HLS06 Homeland Security, Public Safety, and Traffic Safety Supplies
  • HSP40 Medical Commodities and Equipment
  • HSP41 Laboratory Supplies and Equipment
  • ITC47 IT Hardware and Services
  • ITC66 Copiers, Printers, Scanners and Related Devices and Services
  • MED47 Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor
  • OFF40 Audio, Video, Multimedia Presentation Equipment and Services
  • OFF45 Art and Instructional School Supplies
  • OFF47 Office Supplies, Recycled Paper and Envelopes
  • VEH96 Light, Medium, Heavy Duty OEM & NON-OEM Motorized Vehicle Parts, Refined Motor Oil, Lubricants

If you have questions about becoming a COMMBUYS PunchOut purchaser or completing a PunchOut purchase, contact the OSD Help Desk at OSDHelpDesk@mass.gov.

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