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Rapid Response on-site workshops

The Rapid Response Team can provide the following on-site workshops to prepare affected employees with the current information and techniques necessary to make their job search successful.

Resume Writing

If you don't have a resume, want to update an old one, or have a resume that isn't working, this workshop is for you! Everything you ever wanted to know about resumes is covered: What actually is a resume? What format is most effective? How do employers read resumes and what strategies should resume writers use for maximum impact? What goes into a resume and what stays out? What can realistically be expected from a resume? Learn how to compile a database of information on yourself to use for constructing resumes, preparing for job interviews and assessing career choices.

Resume Critique

Are you convinced that you have an interview-grabbing resume filled with Performance, Action and Results (PAR)? Examine how to improve your resume and avoid troublesome red flags. The tips you learn in this workshop will make your resume stand out above others.

Job Search/Cover Letter

Resumes are limited; they can highlight too many barriers, age, salary, and limited industry exposure. Many professionals gain positions with approach letters. Learn the important components of all job search letters. Examine powerful scripts or design your own.

Interviewing Techniques

Can you skillfully answer the question, "Why should I hire you?" Are you intimidated by the question, "What is your weakness?" Gain the knowledge needed to create a powerful 60-second commercial and learn winning questions that will impress an employer.

Job Search Strategies

Identify areas of your own job search and find out what needs to be developed. This workshop will also cover goal setting, stress management and job market research. Learn how to network and utilize different avenues for job openings.

Job Fair Preparation

The Rapid Response Team will work with the company to provide an opportunity for employees to circulate resumes, interview and possibly obtain a new position prior to the actual layoff. We will work closely with your company and other local businesses to offer a wide representation of job openings.