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Rapid Response overview

The Rapid Response team helps transitioning businesses in Massachusetts. Services are available to businesses that are growing or downsizing.

Meet and plan with your company

When the Rapid Response Team becomes aware of a layoff or closing, we:

  • Contact company officials to arrange a meeting to establish a good working relationship
  • Inform you of the available services
  • Plan for implementation of those services at your organization

Responding to the results of our concise survey and the needs of the company, we will make every effort to schedule meetings and our on-site services in a manner that will be most convenient with your daily operations.

Conduct employee information and orientation session

After establishing your company's schedule of reemployment services, we meet with your employees to:

  • Inform them of their eligibility and benefits as laid off workers
  • Answer their questions about job search and unemployment insurance
  • Register and refer them to One Stop Career Centers
  • Conduct a survey of employee needs (such as retraining and skills upgrading)
  • Orient them to the content and timetables of the various on-site services

Provide on-site individual counseling

Based, in part, by the information gathered from the employee surveys, our team will meet with each employee to discuss his or her needs and to formulate a customized plan of action.  These confidential, individual sessions allow your employees to discuss matters that they may not be comfortable discussing in a group. 

Conduct job search workshops

The Rapid Response Team offers a variety of optional job search workshops.  These workshops are tailored to meet the individual needs of your employees.

Develop job leads and provide job placement services

The Rapid Response Team markets the dislocated worker program to companies in your area and/or industry, and often brings current job leads to the employee meeting to see if there are qualified candidates interested in the positions.  As part of the process, resumes are collected and submitted to the appropriate job leads.  We contact and meet with businesses that are hiring in order to meet our objective of placing employees in new positions before they are laid off.

Massachusetts AFL-CIO Rapid Response services for unionized workers

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO Rapid Response Team partners with the State Rapid Response Team to assist unions and workers who are experiencing lay-offs or downsizings. We help people get new jobs, training, job counseling and more. We can provide information at employee meetings, workshops and union meetings.

What businesses are eligible?

Businesses that are eligible for these services include:

  • Businesses facing a downturn in sales and looking for alternatives to layoffs
  • Businesses who need to lay off staff and are seeking to make the transition as smooth as possible for the company, affected workers, and the community as a whole
  • Businesses who are growing quickly and looking to hire skilled workers from companies that are downsizing