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Rattlesnake Review Working Group

A working group formed by the Fisheries and Wildlife Board to review and discuss statewide rattlesnake conservation needs and strategies.


The formation of the Rattlesnake Review Group is a response to a promise made to legislators by the EEA and DFG at a legislative oversight hearing in 2016, to conduct a review of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife’s (MassWildlife's) Rattlesnake Conservation Plan. The Rattlesnake Review Group’s purpose is to: 1) ask citizens to identify issues and concerns that may not have been adequately covered in previous public meetings, and 2) identify scientific information on rattlesnakes that may not have been considered in the current Plan. After a thorough examination of all the information, the Rattlesnake Review Group will make a recommendation about the Rattlesnake Conservation Plan to the Fisheries and Wildlife Board.

The membership of the Review Group, operating under the purview of the state Fisheries and Wildlife Board, includes Quabbin area residents with ties to local municipalities and conservation organizations, local state legislators, the DFG and DCR Commissioners, and the Director of MassWildlife. A Science Advisory Group composed of scientists from UMass Amherst, Berkshire Community College, Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island, and the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife will assist the Review Group as needed.

Rattlesnake Review Working Group Members

  • Chair: Dr. Joseph Larson, Chairman Fisheries and Wildlife Board; Member Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Advisory Committee; Professor Emeritus, Environmental Conservation-UMass Amherst, Quabbin area resident
  • George Peterson, Commissioner, Dept of Fish and Game (or designee)
  • Leo Roy, Commissioner, Dept of Conservation and Recreation (or designee)
  • Jack Buckley, Director, MassWildlife (or designee)
  • Anne Gobi, State Senator, Spencer (or designee)
  • Eric Lesser, State Senator, 1st Hampden and Hampshire (or designee)
  • Susannah Whipps, State Representative, 2nd Franklin (or designee)
  • Dan Hammock, Quabbin Fishermen’s Association
  • Tony Brighenti, N. Quabbin Fishermen’s Association; Quabbin Watershed Advisory Committee (QWAC)
  • Nancy Talbot, Selectperson and Town Clerk, Ware
  • Bill Barnett, Selectperson, Belchertown
  • David Small, Athol Bird and Nature Club
  • Dr. Alan Richmond, Dept of Biology, UMass Amherst
  • Dr. Mike Jones, State Herpetologist, MassWildlife

Science Advisory Group

  • Dr. Tom French. Assistant Director, MassWildlife's Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program
  • Lou Perrotti, Conservation Director, Roger William Zoo; head-starting project snakes
  • Tom Tyning, Professor, Berkshire Community College
  • Anne Stengle, PhD Candidate, University of Massachusetts Amherst


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