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RE39C05: Commonly Used Forms: Mandatory/Optional

A Description of Commonly Used Forms
  1. Mandatory Forms
    1. Massachusetts Mandatory Licensee - Consumer Relationship Disclosure Form
      1. Relationships
        1. Seller Agent
        2. Buyer Agent
        3. Dual Agent
        4. Facilitator (non-Agent)
        5. Designated Buyer or Seller Agent
      2. When to provide
        1. First meeting
        2. Prior to the relationship changing
          1. consent
    2. Informed Consent
      1. Designated Agency Consent Form
      2. Dual Agency Consent Form
      3. Obtaining Informed Consent
        1. explaining the relationship
        2. confirming the consumer's understanding
        3. Obtaining consent by signature
      4. Providing notice for Dual and or Designated Agent
    3. Home Inspectors-Facts for Consumers
      1. How and when to provide
      2. Recommending an Inspector
        1. Restricted to the Buyer's Agent
    4. Lead Paint Disclosure Forms
      1. Property Transfer Notification Certification
        • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)
        • Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification
          1. How and when to provide
          2. Obtaining the consumer's certification
            1. Tenant lead paint notification
            2. Short term and vacation rental notification
        • Inspection required
    5. Tenant Fee Disclosure
      1. What the disclosure must include
      2. When to provide
    6. Local Forms As Required
  2. Other commonly used Forms not required by law
    1. Sellers Statement of Property Condition
    2. Mold Disclosure & Waiver
    3. Exclusive Right To Sell
    4. Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement
    5. Offer to Purchase
    6. Purchase and Sales Agreement
    7. Rental Forms
      1. Apartment Condition Form
      2. Security Deposit Form

Suggested Reference:

Commonly used forms may be obtained from a legal stationery retailer or private professional groups and organizations, such as the Greater Boston Real Estate Board or the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®: MassForms.