Requesting a copy of your Petition for Admission

To obtain a certified copy of of your Petition for Admission the bar in Massachusetts, follow the instructions below.

One of the functions of the Clerk's Office for The County of Suffolk is keeping records, including the original Petitions for Admission that bar petitioners have filed to become members of the bar in Massachusetts. 

What you need to obtain a copy of a Petition for Admission

To obtain a certified copy of a Petition for Admission it will be necessary for you to comply with the procedure established by the Supreme Judicial Court.

You must complete the Request for Certified Copy of Petition for Admission (found below). Kindly return the completed request and the non-refundable fee of $10.00 (per copy of Petition) payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (by check) to the below address:

Clerk Maura S. Doyle
Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County
John Adams Courthouse, 1st Floor
One Pemberton Square – Suite 1300
Boston, MA 02108-1707

Once this office receives the completed request and the required non-refundable fee, this office will process the request. The certified copy of the Petition should be issued within five (5) to ten (10) business days. However, depending on the location of the original case, the request for a certified copy could take longer to process.

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