Research reports

We publish reports about our inmates and facilities. These reports include statistics, facts, and data about our prison population.

Yearly reports

Prison population trends

  • Comprehensive report that includes inmate demographics, prison admissions and releases, number of offenders who return to prison after their release, and information about prison operations


  • Recidivism trends for criminally sentenced inmates released to the community

Releases to community 

  • Criminally sentenced inmates released into a Massachusetts community and out of state

Institutional facts and counts

Fact cards

  • Bi-annual reports on inmate demographics

Weekly counts 

  • Weekly inmate and institutional counts

Historical reports

Historical reports consist of information from previous years (prior to 2010)

  • Admissions and releases
  • Briefs and evaluations
  • Facts and counts
  • Prison capacity
  • Prison population trends
  • Recidivism