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RISE Aspiring Leader Pilot Program - What You Will Learn

The Learning Journey

Participants will engage in a curriculum-based study for the first six months comprised of:

  • In-person and virtual learning sessions
  • Online learning
  • Self-study
  • Simulations
  • Activities 
  • Real-world business projects

The remaining six months of the program will include continued collaborative learning with fellow cohort participants.

    Program Content

    The curriculum will focus on three key areas of Leadership:

    1.  Think Bigger

    • Spiral Up: Embrace Courageous Civility:  Learn how to build the mental strength, curiosity and intention that flips challenge into opportunity and creates better results, so we can ultimately create positive change for ourselves and others. 
    • Be Aware: Value Yourself and Others:  Learn how we can develop greater self-awareness and appreciation for others and take actions to deepen relationships, increase innovation, grow your career and work better with others to achieve collective success.
    • Be Curious: Know Your Business and Beyond:  Expand your lens to gain insight, strengthen your network and deepen your knowledge about your organization and beyond to uncover current problems, new solutions, and future possibilities.
    • Find Flow: Create Capacity in A Time Pressed World:  Learn the strategies and habits that help you and your team become more organized, efficient and focused. Gain ideas, templates and tools to better manage your time and energy, increase your capacity and reduce your stress.

    2.   Act Bolder

    • Shift Forward: Lead and Navigate Change:  Learn how you can lead yourself and others through change and ambiguity by becoming more aware of your change tendencies.  Practice the behaviors and language that can inspire bolder action and increase innovation.
    • Empower Success: Grow Self and Others:  Explore the art and science around giving and receiving feedback, and transform every day conversations into moments of truth and accountability. Learn techniques on how to plan and conduct meaningful career discussions.
    • Build Resilience: Activate Fearless Grit:  Learn how we can overcome, learn and grow from challenges and failures. Understand how we can activate confidence, optimism and resilience in ourselves and others to support our unique perspectives and explore new ideas together.
    • Embrace Conflict: Find Power In Our Differences:  Discover the positive possibilities of conflict. Recognize and appreciate different work styles and perspectives as strengths that lead to new learning, collaboration and solutions. Learn communication strategies to influence better outcomes.

    3.  Collaborate Better

    • Bridge Silos: Lead With Others:  Gain insights into how we can collaborate across groups to solve complex challenges, accelerate results, and create efficiencies. Learn strategies and practices to help you create direction, alignment and commitment toward collective success.
    • Create Together: Innovate Breakthrough Solutions:  Through enterprise thinking, expand business acumen and creativity for high-impact results. Learn techniques engage teams in observation, analysis and rapid prototyping for solutions that propel your organization into the future.
    • Mobilize Good: Rally Action Through Inspiration:  Learn the art of presentation, influence and inspiration that gains purposeful commitment of others. Leverage visioning, storytelling and other techniques to inspire your team to rise together to create positive change.
    • Unite Right: Achieve Synergies Through Better Meetings:  Maximize your team’s time, energy and productivity through a new approach to meetings. Gain valuable tools, techniques and templates that you can apply to engage your participants from the start and get work done to achieve the desired outcomes.