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RISE Aspiring Leader Program - Manager Commitments

Expectations for appraising managers in the RISE Aspiring Leader Program.

As invested partners, appraising managers will play an important role in this program and are pivotal to the participant's learning and development. RISE participant managers will be expected to:

  • Attend the manager orientation session kick-off, in October, to learn about the program specifics and their role.
  • Attend manager webinars after each in-person session to understand what the participants have been learning, receive tips on helping them apply their skills and insights into their day-to-day performance, and support career planning.
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support that is uniquely tailored to your participant.
  • Share development ideas and on-the-job opportunities that will help your participant to stretch and grow.
  • Stay curious and ask lots of questions to stimulate learning for both yourself and your participant. 
  • Commit to supporting your participant. 

The total time commitment for appraising managers is anticipated to be about two hours per month and can be incorporated in current coaching (supervision) meetings.

Appraising managers will also receive a Manager Toolkit developed to support you in your role of coaching, planning, and developing your program participant.