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Running a Successful Procurement Office

This 1-day online class is designed for those who are new to the procurement field, as well as for experienced procurement officials.

Attendees will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to run a successful procurement office. The class will cover procurement policies and procedures, contract administration, legal requirements and other important factors for effectively running a procurement office for a state or local governmental entity, district or authority. Attendees will also learn how to incorporate recent developments and changes in the Commonwealth’s procurement laws into bidding processes and contracting practices.

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Registration closes 2 weeks before a class starts
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8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.




  • Advantages and challenges of centralized and decentralized procurement systems
  • Consistent application of bidding policies across department lines
  • Developing standardized documents to facilitate bidding procedures
  • Professional collaborations with other procurement officials and jurisdictions
  • Working with state administrative and investigatory agencies
  • Contracting terms and conditions for better results
  • Developing a succession plan for procurement offices
  • Dealing with challenging vendors
  • Recent legal developments
  • Making responsibility and responsiveness determinations
  • Managing procurement files and contract records in the electronic age

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