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Section I: Risks To Your Special Day


What Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding days can be expensive, with the costs of ceremonies, receptions, flowers and other items that you have planned for your wedding day. Wedding insurance is usually tied to the financial costs of the events that you have planned to take place on your wedding day if they are disrupted by unexpected events that may occur prior to or during the wedding. This may help pay for the costs of unexpected events that may delay the wedding ceremony or disrupt your special day.

Why Buy Wedding Insurance?

You may have saved and planned for your wedding day. You may have sent all the invitations, paid for all the features of the day, packed all your bags for your honeymoon and something unexpected arises, such as a hurricane coming up the coast or your spouse-to-be coming down with a highly contagious disease. Due to this unexpected development, you may still want to marry your spouse, but will not be able to have the wedding you planned. Depending upon your wedding arrangements, you may still be financially responsible for the costs of the church ceremony, reception, band, flowers, etc., even if the wedding has to be cancelled. Wedding insurance policies are designed to protect you from the costs of unexpected, disrupting events. Although each policy or certificate may be different, each could be tailored to the particular needs of your wedding.

In addition to the costs of a cancelled event, wedding insurance can protect you against the risk of damages to the locations used to celebrate the wedding or caused by guests who drink at the wedding, injuries sustained at the wedding celebration, damages to rented clothes or jewelry and even coverage for gifts that are received at the wedding.

Don't My Other Policies Cover Me?

Most traditional property and casualty insurance policies cover you for unexpected losses that affect your property or make you liable for a lawsuit, but they most likely do not cover you for disruptions to wedding plans for which you may have already paid. Some traditional property and casualty insurance policies may even cover you for the cost of damages to certain personal items, such as a wedding gown, but may cover only part of the loss and not the actual cost of the gown.

Am I Required To Buy Wedding Insurance?

There are no specific laws requiring anyone to purchase wedding insurance, but if you are investing a significant amount of money in one day, it may be prudent to consider this coverage to protect your investment in the reservations and deposits you may have made.