State of the Bays

MassBays keeps a finger on the pulse to track changes in ecosystem conditions in the Bays.

Every 5 years since 2004, MassBays conducts an assessment of trends and conditions in the Bays. This assessment has resulted in the development of a State of the Bays report. Over the years MassBays has shared information on priority indicators either through a report or by hosting a symposium where presenters share their latest data and discuss findings and conclusions.

2015 State of the Bays

One hundred attendees joined the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program (MassBays) for a one-day symposium  to look at the past, present, and future of the bays. The symposium took place on April 15, 2015 at the Cambridge Innovation Center, Boston. Presenters summarized the latest data on a number of indicators of conditions in the Bays.The presentations were compiled into proceedings: 

2015 State of the Bays Proceedings

Supporters: The Nature Conservancy, dpict, and The Marine & Oceanographic Technology Network.

Previous State of the Bays Reports

2010 State of the Bays Report

2004 State of the Bays Proceedings

2004 State of the Bays Report