State Transportation Building - Operations and Contacts

Learn about the Division of Capital Asset and Management's (DCAMM's) management the State Transportation Building. Find contact information for the DCAMM management office.

About the DCAMM Facility Management Office

The DCAMM Faciltiy Management Office, Suite 2180 of the State Transportation Building is open during regular business hours to respond to grounds, maintenance, mechanical, cleaning, and life safety systems.

The DCAMM Management Office may be contacted 8:30am-5pm at 617-973-7200. After hours inquires can be made to the Security Office at 617-973-7120 and the McCormack Building Control Center 24/7 line at 617-727-1000.

Contact information

DCAMM Management Office Suite 2180 (617) 973-7200  
Richard Goulet, Director of Operations and Maintenance Room 1500
McCormack Building
Boston, MA
phone: (617) 727-4050 x 31293
fax: (617) 727-8092
Michelle Hayes, Facility Manager Suite 2180 (617) 973-8222
Ed Kennedy, Director of Security/Life Safety McCormack Building, Rm 107
Boston, MA
(617) 727-4100 x 31237
ISA Security Office 2nd Floor (617) 973-7120
Reginald Alexander, CAMIS Coordinator Suite 2180 (617) 973-7200
Control Center 24/7 Room 109
McCormack Building
Boston, MA
(617) 727-1000


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