Streamflow Restoration Priority Projects

DER manages restoration projects aimed at restoring natural flow.

Many rivers and streams lack enough water at certain times of the year support natural streamflow. These streamflow deficits can impact aquatic ecosystems, drinking water supplies, fishing, and recreation. Many factors can contribute to altered and unnaturally low streamflow. Factors include water withdrawals, dams, and impervious surfaces. DER is working on several initiatives to provide resources to communities in MA to improve streamflow. Also through our Priority Projects process, we are able to undertake select streamflow restoration projects. We provide technical and financial assistance to these project to improve streamflow. Read below for two examples of our current projects. See related information for more information on the Priority Project process.

Ipswich River Flow Restoration

DER is working with the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) by piloting innovative, non-regulatory water conservation strategies with the goal of reducing non-essential outdoor water use and improving streamflow. For more information.

Jones River Flow Restoration

DER is working with the Jones River Watershed Association to improve streamflow in the Jones River. For more information.