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Subpoenas for RMV records

The RMV will respond to subpoenas for records issued by Massachusetts and Federal courts. The RMV reserves the right to question the validity of a subpoena upon review.


The RMV accepts subpoenas by mail or hand delivered to the Driver Control Unit, Court Records Department, and Legal Department. The RMV accepts payments for subpoenas, the amount of which are determined by the responsible court on a case-by-case basis.

Subpoenas must be mailed or delivered by a responsible party, including sheriffs, constables, and attorneys. Any RMV record may be requested in a subpoena. However, the RMV may not release highly restricted information without a court order or a signed release from the subject of the subpoena. Examples of highly restricted information include:

  • Confidential medical information obtained from a health care provider or law enforcement officer.
  • A photo-image.

An RMV representative will notify you if you need to provide a court order or signed release to obtain any documents.

We require a minimum of 30 days from the time of receipt to process a subpoena, and will notify you within the 30-day period if:

  • processing the subpoena will take longer than the stated deadline.
  • the RMV questions the validity of the subpoena.
  • a witness fee is required, but has not been paid.
  • the subpoenaed record contains highly restricted information and you need to take additional action to obtain this information.