Sustainability at DCAMM

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Sustainability services at  the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) demonstrate our commitment to leading by example.  Through a number of initiatives, the agency seeks to reduce its impact on the environment, improve resource efficiency, and safeguard the health and well being of building occupants and visitors.  

High Performance Buildings

The Commonwealth is using “high performance building” practices to optimize indoor environmental quality, resource efficiency, long-term durability, and environmental impact. The following programs and goals help maximize the use of these building practices on state owned properties.


Resource Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Massachusetts is committed to reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and improving energy and water efficiency. For Commonwealth-owned facilities, DCAMM employs the following project features and monitoring tools as we work towards those goals.

Sustainable Design User Guides, Manuals and Standards

In order to improve the sustainability of the Commonwealth’s portfolio, DCAMM provides guidance to its design and building partners via specifications and design guidelines.

Facilities Operations and Management

Building sustainability goes beyond the design and construction. DCAMM maintains its sustainable portfolio through strategic purchasing and maintenance contracts. Our facility staff use state-of-the-art best practices for operations and maintenance.

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