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SWIG Application Instructions and Guidance

The information below describes the steps for completing the SWIG application process. It includes basic application instructions, additional application resources, and program contact information.

Application Overview

The pilot application round is closed and no longer accepting applications. The Trust will announce future application opportunities shortly. Please feel free to contact the Trust if you have any questions.

Applications for the SWIG program must be submitted by the local School District. The SWIG application is a two-part process. Part one is the District Form that collects district level information and establishes the primary point-of-contact for the District. Part two is the School Form which should be submitted for each school in the District that will be installing a filtration fixture to mitigate lead contamination. Once the application round closes, the Trust will review all applications and issue letters of award in accordance with the established program process. The steps below provide additional information on both parts of the application and what to expect after submission is complete.

Application Deadline

The Trust will start with a pilot round with a funding cap. The dates for this initial round are listed below. Please note that the link for the application will not be available until the first day of the pilot round. 

Application Round 1 (Pilot)
  • Open: February 3, 2020
  • Close: March 6, 2020

At the conclusion of the round open period, the Trust will complete a program review and make any needed adjustments before announcing the next application period.

Application Instructions

Below, applicants can find an overview for the SWIG application process. Detailed information can be found in the SWIG Detailed Application Instructions document.

Pre-Application Data Gathering

Applicants should read the directions below, or review the linked application resources, in full before beginning the application process. The Trust suggests gathering all information required to complete the application before beginning the District and School forms. Additionally, please confirm that all individual school information is accurate and that the school is eligible for assistance through the SWIG program before submitting to the Trust.

The District Form

The District Form is used to gather basic information on the school district and identify the district's point-of-contact (POC). Information needed to complete the form is detailed below. The District Form should be submitted by a designated POC with the authority to enter financial commitments on the behalf of the district. Additionally, there should be a POC that will be the main contact for the district when communicating with the Trust and MassDEP about installations. 

The form Requests the following information:

  1. District Name
  2. District Superintendent
  3. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) District code
  4. District POC
  5. Phone Number (POC)
  6. Email (POC)
  7. Total number of schools in the district that will be part of this application
  8. Total Number of Fixtures Requested

Once the District Form is submitted, the POC will receive an email confirming receipt of the form and will be prompted to begin entering data in the School Form.

The School Form

The School Form is used to collect information for each individual facility. Districts should only submit school information for facilities the district intends or has the capacity to install fixture(s) within the 180-day grant award time frame. Note that awards are designated at the school level. This means that each school will be assigned a specific number of fixtures, and installation of the assigned or requested fixtures (whichever is less) is required to complete all grant conditions.

One School Form must be submitted for each school that the district wishes to install fixtures. The form will collect the following information. 

  1. DESE District Code
  2. DESE School Code
  3. School Name
  4. Total Student Enrollment
  5. Total Students Enrolled in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grades 1-5
  6. Maximum Facility Occupancy Limit
  7. Results of water quality testing
  8. Current number of operational drinking water fixtures
  9. Number of drinking water fixtures with lead exceedances above 1 part per billion 
  10. Number of requested fixtures
  11. Does the school rely on bottled water?
  12. Does the school have a lead service line?

Once the district has submitted a School Form, the submission confirmation page contains a link to return and gives the option to submit another School Form for another school. When entering the School Form for the final school, the District will select the "Final School" designation at the end of the form. The Final School selection will prompt the user to enter their email address. The system will generate a confirmation email similar to the email receive after completing the District Form.

Please note that if the "Final School" designation is selected, this will in no way prohibit a district from entering additional schools and will not impact the eligibility of schools submitted after the designation is selected. This option is only for the record of the applicant.

What to Expect Next

Once the application period has closed the Trust will review applications for eligibility and completeness. Eligible applicants that are selected to receive an award will receive an award letter detailing the award assignments and directions on completing and executing grant documents.