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Talent Connect training opportunities

Training opportunities, if eligible and needed may include:

Occupational training

supported through U.S. DOL grants with programs in advanced manufacturing. These opportunities are available in multiple regions of the state. For more information contact your local MassHire Career Center and you may also go to:

On-the-job training

Supported through U.S. DOL grants that support a training position with a formal training plan at a business. The goal is to connect you to the right job. Contact your local MassHire Career Center for opportunities.

Career Readiness 101 Certification and KeyTrain

Resources to improve skills. These resources are available through your local Career Center. Job seekers who master the work readiness skills they need to be successful in the changing workplace are better positioned to secure or advance into sustainable careers. Career Ready 101 is an effective tool to assess and enhance your skill levels and workforce preparedness in order to be more marketable to employers.   

Career Ready 101 is an internet-based career training system that enables instructors and training programs to empower you to design and travel self-paced pathways to career opportunities. This comprehensive learning system promotes sustained success by encouraging career exploration, positive work behaviors, and greater capacity to develop resumes, conduct job searches, and succeed in interviews.

Occupational training and apprenticeships

Supported through individual training accounts for training provided by vendors on the Eligible Training Provider List. Contact your local MassHire Career Center for more information You can also;

For more information visit:

Guided pathway programs

Developed through the GPSTEM project are administered by community colleges through a US DOL grant. For more information contact your local MassHire Career Center and go to:

The Department of Higher Education TRAIN Grant Program

TRAIN grants are given to community colleges for the purpose of implementing training programs and providing employer sponsored internships for the long-term unemployed. For more information contact your local MassHire Career Center and

Access to training through regional Sector-based partnerships

Funded through the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund. The Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund (WCTF) invests in training and education programs that train unemployed and underemployed workers for jobs that are in demand. For more information visit: