Talk to a loved one about problem gambling

If someone you love has a history of substance misuse, they are particularly vulnerable to problem gambling. That’s why you might want to talk to them about how dangerous gambling can be to their recovery – and how quickly addiction can happen.

Use downtime, like driving in the car together or waiting at an appointment. Take advantage of everyday moments to start the conversation: a news story about gambling, a TV show, or something that happened in your community. You can ask, “What do you think about gambling?” to get started.

Simply talking to your loved ones can help them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Emphasize the danger problem gambling poses to their recovery.
    • Gambling can be just as addictive as drugs or alcohol. 
    • Gambling can hurt you and your family, just like drugs or alcohol.
  • Remind them that you care
    • Tell them: “I care about you and want you to be safe and healthy.”
    • Make them feel as comfortable as possible about being honest with you
    • Offset feelings of insecurity and doubt by offering a lot of positive comments

It could take a few conversations to have an impact, but you will make a difference.

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