Tax types available in MassTaxConnect

MassTaxConnect (MTC) is the Department of Revenue's web-based application for filing and paying taxes in Massachusetts.

MTC tax type listing

Alcoholic Beverages

Aviation Gasoline Tax

Boats-Recreational Vehicle Tax

Cigarette License

Cigarette Tax

Cigars License

Cigars Tax

Club Alcohol Excise

Corporate Excise

Corporate Combined Excise

Ferry Embarkation Fee

Financial Institution Excise

Gambling Withholding

Gasoline Fuel License


Jet Fuel License

Jet Fuel Tax

Life Insurance Excise

Lottery Annuity Withholding

Meals Tax

Ocean Marine Excise

P&C - PPO Insurance Excise

Pass-Through Entity Withholding

Parking Facilities Surcharge

Performer Withholding

Room Occupancy Excise

Sales Tax

Sales Tax on Services

Satellite Service tax

Sightseeing Surcharge

Special Fuels Tax License

Special Fuels Tax

Unrelated Business Income Tax

Urban Redevelopment Excise

Use Tax

Vehicular Rental Surcharge

Withholding - Pension

Withholding Tax

Tax types added December 5, 2016


Fiduciary Income

Income for Clubs and Other Organizations
not Engaged in Business for Profit (Form 3M)

Income for Exempt Trust and Unincorporated
Associations (Form M990T-62)


Motor Vehicle Sales and Use

Nonresident Composite

Non-Stamped Cigarette Excise

Partnership Income

Personal Income

Personal Use


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