Telework Fast Facts for Commonwealth Employees

Here's an overview to the Commonwealth Telework Policy for Executive Branch Employees

Telework Definition, Eligibility, and Benefits

What is Telework?
Telework means performing work duties at a place other than your assigned work location. 

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Am I Allowed to Telework?
Your eligibility to telework depends on your agency’s telework program and the nature of your job. Some job functions are more appropriate for telework than others.

What is Different When I Telework? 
Your telework arrangement does not change the work you are expected to perform or the hours you are expected to work. You should respond to the needs of your supervisor/manager, work team, and agency as you would at your assigned work location. 

Why Telework?
You may find that telework helps you save on commuting time and costs, increases your productivity, and improves your work/life balance. 

Telework Best Practices


  • Sign an official agreement with your supervisor/manager to confirm your telework arrangement.
  • Ensure that your telework location provides the environment, connectivity, technology, resource access, and security authority necessary to perform your job functions.
  • Maintain effective communication with your supervisor/manager and colleagues.
  • Document your telework time in accordance with established agency time and attendance policies and by using the designated TEL time-reporting code. 


  • Telework as a replacement for dependent care. You should continue to arrange for care of dependent children or elders as if you were reporting to your assigned work location. 
  • Telework in place of vacation, sick, family and medical, or other types of leave. 
  • Telework without verifying your scheduled telework dates and tasks with your supervisor/manager.

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Next Steps

Review the resources available on and then speak with your manager or HR director to learn more about your agency’s telework program.