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Testimony - 2017 Cost Trends Hearing


Oral Testimony - Delivered at the 2017 Health Care Cost Trends Hearing

Pre-Filed Testimony

By statute, the HPC is required to identify a number of health care providers and payers as witnesses for the annual cost trends hearing. As such, the HPC requests written pre-filed testimony from organizations and calls on individuals to testify in-person at the two-day hearing. The pre-filed and in-person testimony helps to inform various research and policy streams, including the HPC’s annual cost trends report.

Each summer, pre-filed testimony is sent to approximately 50 health care payers, providers, and hospitals. This testimony generally consists of approximately 10 questions on a variety of relevant topics, such as alternative payment methodologies, behavioral health integration, and price transparency.

The table below will be updated periodically as pre-filed testimony submissions are received. If you have any questions regarding pre-filed or in-person testimony, please contact the HPC at