The Licensing Education Analytic Database (LEAD)

The Department of Early Education (EEC) developed the Licensing Education Analytic Database (LEAD), which is a cloud-based program for all licensing functions. When fully implemented, programs will be able to complete all licensing transactions in LEAD.

What to know

LEAD is available to both providers and licensors. When fully implemented, licensed programs and licensing applicants will use LEAD to process all transactions. Right now in LEAD, you can:

  • View and submit responses to statements of non-compliance.
  • File quarterly restraint reports (for residential programs and adoption/foster care placement agencies).
  • File incident reports, and file illness/injury reports (available to licensed group and school age child care programs).

Using LEAD

There are two websites for logging into LEAD, one for EEC-licensed providers and one for EEC licensors/staff.

If you are an EEC-licensed provider, please contact your licensor to set up a new user account. Please read Getting Started on the EEC Provider Portal in LEAD for instructions on logging in to LEAD, and Navigating the EEC Provider Portal in LEAD for instructions on how to use LEAD. 

If you are an EEC-licensed provider, and need support or want to report a technical issue with LEAD, please submit a request to the help desk and select "Licensing Education Analytic Data (LEAD)" from the drop-down menu.

Additional Resources for Using LEAD

LEAD training videos for providers

You can view all the LEAD training videos on EEC's Youtube channel

Other information

You may also subscribe to EEC's email distribution list for LEAD users.


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