Tips for Saving Water

Learn what droughts are and how you can help yourself and your community by saving water.

What are droughts?

You can learn about what droughts are, how they are caused, and what effects they may have on the Commonwealth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Droughts

What are some tips for saving water?

What should communities do during a drought?

Local Actions @ Level 2

  • Residents and Businesses:
    • Minimize overall water use;
    • Limit outdoor watering to hand-held hoses or watering cans, to be used only after 5 p.m. or before 9 a.m.
  • Immediate Steps for Communities:
    • Adopt above restrictions;
    • Limit or prohibit installation of new lawn/landscape, washing of hard surfaces, washing vehicles, filling pools and hot tubs;
    • Implement drought surcharge or seasonal water rates;
    • Establish water-use reduction targets for all water users;
    • Identify top water users and conduct targeted outreach to help curb their use.
  • Short- and Medium-Term Steps for Communities:
    • Establish a year-round water conservation program that includes public education and communication;
    • Check emergency inter-connections for water supply, and;
    • Develop a local drought management plan using guidance from the Massachusetts Drought Management Plan.
Level 2-Significant Drought Infographic