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Transition Pathway Services

Transition services for high school students with significant disabilities.

Massachusetts Transition Pathway Services (TPS) is a new initiative to enhance the competitive integrated employment and post-secondary enrollment outcomes for high school students with significant disabilities.  The initiative will utilize a transition service model that coordinates vocational rehabilitation services, high school career planning, independent living peer model supports, and business engagement strategies throughout the last two years of the student’s high school experience.

What is Transition Pathway Services (TPS)?

TPS provides work based learning experiences customized around a student’s abilities, skills, interests and local opportunities using ten TPS components. The ten components include:

  • 2 work based learning experiences                   
  • Vocational counseling
  • Workplace Readiness training                                            
  • Benefits counseling     
  • Assistive technology                                                
  • Transportation coordination
  • Vocational assessments                                         
  • Peer mentoring                            
  • Customized job placement                                    
  • Family support transition planning

Who is eligible to participate?

The TPS Project is a great opportunity for students in the Roxbury, Lawrence and Springfield areas.  Participants must be:

  • Enrolled in high school
  • Ages 16-21 (up to their 22nd birthday)
  • Eligible for vocational rehabilitation
  • Able and willing to commit to completing eight of the ten service components

How can someone enroll?

To participate in the TPS Project students should apply for Vocational Rehabilitation services at a participating MRC Area office: Roxbury, Lawrence or Springfield. Students can work with their school to help them get connected to MRC or apply directly to MRC for Vocational Rehabilitation services.

Still looking for more information?

We are happy to discuss the Transition Pathway Services.  For questions, concerns, or interests around partnership please contact the Lawrence Office, (978)685-1731; the Roxbury Office, (617)442-5510; the Springfield Office, (413)736-7296.

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