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Types of research reports

We publish reports about our inmates and facilities. These reports include statistics, facts, and data about our prison population.

During the transition you can find a more detailed list of reports and publications on our classic site

Yearly reports

Prison population trends

  • Comprehensive report that includes inmate demographics, prison admissions and releases, number of offenders who return to prison after their release, and information about prison operations


  • Recidivism trends for criminally sentenced inmates released to the community

Releases to community 

  • Criminally sentenced inmates released into a Massachusetts community and out of state

Quarterly reports

Admissions and releases

Prison capacity

Quarterly jurisdiction population

Briefs and evaluations

Inmate participation in prison programs (GAP)

Any specific or special topics about inmates or facilities

Institutional facts and counts

Fact cards

  • Bi-annual reports on inmate demographics

Weekly counts 

  • Weekly inmate and institutional counts

Historical reports

Historical reports consist of information from previous years (prior to 2010)

  • Admissions and releases
  • Briefs and evaluations
  • Facts and counts
  • Prison capacity
  • Prison population trends
  • Recidivism


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