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Updated Notice Regarding ATB Operations Effective June 1, 2020

Updates on how the Appellate Tax Board is responding to COVID-19

This notice updates the March 24, 2020 notice regarding Appellate Tax Board (“ATB”) operations during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The ATB continues to be closed to the public. The ATB is working with building management and appropriate state agencies to ensure that necessary safety and cleaning protocols are in place prior to reopening to the public. In the interim, the following procedures are currently in place:

  • Mail is being opened and processed on a periodic basis. Taxpayers may comply with statutory deadlines for filing petitions or notices of appeal by timely mailing a petition or notice of appeal to the ATB. Timeliness of mailing of the petition or notice of appeal is determined by the United States Postal Service’s postmark or the delivery certificate of a designated private delivery service in accordance with 831 CMR 1.13.
  • If a document mailed or sent (i.e., through the United States Postal Service or a designated delivery service) to the ATB is returned to you, the party that mailed or sent the document should remail or resend it to the ATB with a copy of the envelope or container in which it was first mailed or sent. Please retain a copy of the document and the envelope for your records.
  • The ATB adopts paragraph 12 of the Supreme Judicial Court’s Second Updated Order, issued May 26, 2020 and effective June 1, 2020, regarding statutes of limitations.
  • The ATB continues to monitor phone messages and emails remotely. Questions concerning this Order, or other issues should be made by phone (617-336-0308) or email to the Clerk’s office ( or email to the Webmaster ( .
  • The ATB is holding status conferences on an as-needed basis. Parties wishing to schedule a status conference should contact the Clerk’s office.
  • In-person hearings have been suspended pending the reopening of the ATB’s offices. Parties wishing to be heard by telephonic, video, or other remote means should contact the Clerk’s office.
  • Pleadings, briefs, and other documents may be filed by mail or by email to the Clerk’s office (
  • This Notice supersedes all prior hearing and motion Notices until further action by the ATB.
  • The ATB may update this Notice as the situation requires.