Using the Smart Growth/Smart Energy Toolkit

Learn how you can use the Toolkit.

Using the Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to help introduce newcomers and practitioners such as planners, developers and site and building designers to smart growth and smart energy strategies. It serves as a resource for case studies and model bylaws

  • You can use the glossary to help you understand the common smart growth/smart energy terminology.


  • You can view model bylaws for many of the smart growth/smart energy techniques. In many cases, regulatory changes will be required at the local governmental level to implement the techniques. The model bylaws provide a framework or starting point for communities to draft the necessary laws. They contain recommended regulatory language as well as numerous annotations which provide guidance on how to customize the bylaws to best fit a community's needs. The bylaws are not intended to be adopted as is, but rather provide an approach for a community to follow in developing its own bylaw. We strongly recommend involving the community's legal counsel when developing the final bylaw or ordinance.


  • PowerPoint slide shows are available for smart energy and smart growth proponents to make presentations to developers, site planners and the public at meetings and hearings. They can also be used to assist town meeting/city council voters who are considering adopting bylaws/ordinances.


  • You can view smart growth/smart energy case studies that have been selected to demonstrate implementation of the smart growth/smart energy techniques. For the most part, they are Massachusetts examples. In some cases out-of-state examples are utilized where the practices are better exemplified. We have made an effort to include a range of case study settings for each technique including rural, suburban and urban.