Utility Scams

Some pretend to be a representative from your utility provider and claim that they will cut your electrical power, assess a fine, or even jail you unless they receive an immediate payment.

Spot the Scam

  • The callers cannot provide simple information about your account, such as the name on the account, the address of the account, or even your account number.
  • The callers demand payment using a reloadable debit card or other non-traceable form of payment. If the caller is demanding payment in that form, hang up.
  • The caller is angry or threatening.
  • It's the first time you're hearing about a payment being due. There are strict regulations governing the cut-off utilities and the legal process includes several notices being sent to the customer first. If you are hearing for the first time about a payment being due that day from you to the energy provider, it is likely a scam.

Stop the Scam

  • Always ask for official ID from anyone who visits your home to check on your utilities. Employees carry their ID's and will present if asked.
  • Be cautious before letting anyone into your home. Ask your utility company for reasons why and when a representative would need to enter your home. If the individual is at your home to collect payment, that's a red flag. 
  • Report the scam to the appropriate agencies, your utility provider, and notify the Department of Public Utilities. 
  • Contact your local police.

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